It is currently New Year’s eve eve, and I had a whole post planned for tomorrow. I had the whole thing written out and edited, but I’m just not feeling it.

This year has been a rough one for a lot of people, myself included. I know everyone wants to throw a fit about how much 2016 sucked, but I don’t want to remember it like that. So in the spirit of positivity, I’m going to recount the best things that happened in 2016.

In no particular order:

1. Went camping and swimming in a stream. Also made a bomb tie-dye shirt.

2. Got to go to Disney World with some of my best friends. I will always remember laughing (and crying) until the I was delirious. Also meeting Minnie Mouse fulfilled all of my childhood dreams.

3. Found a patch of sunflowers. I screamed. Then found a huge flower field. I screamed more.

4. Did a killer karaoke performance to Party in the USA.

5. Planned to hike a local mountain, and be at the top before sunrise. My friends and I got there around 5 in the morning before realizing the trail didn’t open until 8. We drove around mildly terrifying parts of the middle of nowhere, watched the sunrise in a random field in front of a church, and found a 24-hour waffle house. And, oh yeah, we eventually did the hike.

6. Went to a food festival and ate more food than I ever imagined I could fit into my stomach.

7. Went to my Zadie’s birthday party, and he told me he enjoyed talking to me more than anyone else in the entire room. (This is probably my favorite thing. I will remember this forever.)

8. Rode a ride of the side of the Vegas Stratosphere. My sister and I laughed the whole time, which seemed to irritate all of the tourists. We didn’t care.

9. Discovered my love for Zumba, and dancing in general. A bunch of my friend’s started copying my “signature” dance move, and one of my friends told me that he thinks I am a “pretty okay dancer”- a huge success.

10.  Went zip-lining in Vegas and flirted with the guy who put on my harness, in hopes that he would ensure I was extra safe. In hindsight, it was probably more distracting than helpful.

11. Got my license!! When I was finally able to drive, my friends and I drove to our high school and sat in the field and talked for a few hours. I still don’t really know why we went there. Also, I’m not sure if that’s trespassing.

12. Watched my mom marry the man she loves.

13. Went to molecular genetics camp and realized I hate molecular genetics but love staying up until 2 am laughing about how none of us did the reading. Also found out that trying to get a picture with a wild squirrel is nearly impossible, yet highly entertaining.

14.Went bowling with friends and ending up running through a parking lot to chase the sunset.

15. Went rowing on the Boston Harbor. Fun fact: rowing is much more entertaining when your instructor is screaming “一起, motherf*ckers”.

16. Met some lifelong friends (they are probably reading this and they will know who they are- love you lots).

The best (and worst) part about this list is that I had to cut a bunch of things out because I simply couldn’t fit them all. I honestly had about thirty things written down before I had to start narrowing it down, and I think that’s a wonderful thing.

So yes, this year was rough, and a lot of awful things happened (I don’t want to say his name, but I’m sure we all know who I’m talking about), but don’t let that drown out the good. I encourage everyone to do something like this save it in a safe place for a gloomy day.

Happy New Year!!!
also, don’t forget to make 2017 your bitch.

Love you alottle,