I’m back!!!
I spent the last five days driving from Maryland to Louisiana and back! The whole trip was unbelievably fun, even the twenty-hour bus rides.
Day 1|| Thursday:
Boarded the bus for the first twenty-hour bus ride with a few stops for restroom breaks and food.
Day 2 || Friday: 
We toured the French Quarter with the sassiest tour guide you will ever meet! We got some free time to roam and eat, so we found a super New Orleans-ey restaurant with jambalaya, gumbo, and alligator meat. Oh and of course there was a jazz band playing- I love New Orleans.
After that, we made or way over to the aquarium. Fun Fact: although I’m terrified of fish when I encounter them in the ocean, I LOVE aquariums (except the ones with the big fish in the tiny tanks that just makes me sad). In case you’re wondering (you probably aren’t), my favorite fish is the Mola Mola. They didn’t have a Mola Mola at the New Orleans Aquarium, but I still had a great time.

Then we finally made our way to the hotel to clean up and get cute for dinner. Then for some strange reason, I got an allergic reaction to who knows what. The upper left portion of my lip swelled up and it was HUGE– think kylie jenner meets miss piggy. So I called the trip doctor who gave me some claritin and a confused look, and I spent the rest of the night embracing my new look. For reference, enjoy this text message conversation with my father:

Anyways, that night we went to dinner at a local restaurant with cajun food and a live band. If you should know anything about my friends and me, you should know that we love to dance. So after stuffing our faces, we went around to almost every table to harass people into dancing. At first, people were super lame and wouldn’t dance, but we aren’t quitters. Once we got about ten people out to the dance floor, everyone started to get the memo. Even the people who said they “hate dancing” got their tucuses to the dance floor — what a bunch of liars!!!! 
Day 3 || Saturday:
Our school band actually performed this day, which is the whole reason we go on this trip, but let’s get back to the fun stuff!!
We did a bus tour around the city in which I spent about 25% of the time napping, but I still learned a lot when I finally came to.
We finally got some of New Orleans’s famous beignets and they are essentially fluffy donuts with tons a powdered sugar. As our tour guide would say, “why snort cocaine when you can have confectioners sugar??”
We went back to the hotel to get into cute clothes, and we made our way over to a blues club for dinner. We got a seat on the balcony, and it was so cute!! We could people watch and pretend to participate in the New Orleans nightlife. 
Then we went to go see Louisiana’s Philharmonic Orchestra. Ya know, band nerd stuff.
Day 4 || Sunday:
We went to the famous House of Blues Gospel Brunch, and I was probably the most excited person there. I was jamming out and overall just having a good ole time. As a Jew, the Jesus-y stuff was a little out of my realm, but that didn’t stop me from singing my lil heart out.
Then we went to tour the Mardi Gras Museum. The tour was short and sweet, and we got some cute pics. Also, I stood in the same general area that Harry Connick Jr. has stood, which made me swoooon.
Once again, we went back to the hotel to freshen up for a fancy dinner. At first, I was hesitant to
wear my false lashes, because I didn’t want to be that girl. But then I remembered I’m already that girl, and I rocked the hell out of those false lashes.
Day 5 || Monday:
We were forced back on the bus to go home and return to real life.
I hope to go back to NOLA soon!!
love you alottle,