I have been trying to avoid getting political on my blog, but I really don’t understand why women’s rights are still considered a “controversial” issue. For God’s sake, why do we still have to talk about this?
This past weekend, I went to Washington D.C., which I am so fortunate to live a short metro ride away from, and joined over 500,000 other individuals in hopes of bringing attention back to women’s rights.
When we first got to the metro station, I was welcomed by three-block long line, and, not going to lie, I got a wee bit emotional. There is something really special about seeing hundreds of people come together to support complete strangers.
The march was one of the most peaceful D.C. events I have ever been to, and it was primarily just a gathering of people who believed in the radical concept of equal rights. Crazy, I know!
I knew before going to the march that we were not going to change any real policy that day, and frankly, I think everyone there knew it too (even if they didn’t want to admit it). I didn’t march because I thought that my hot pink shirt and chanting was going to close the wage gap or fund every planned parenthood.
I marched because I believe that when worst comes to worst, we only have each other. Everyone there who was a woman, minority, or LGBTQ
was able to witness and find comfort in the fact that if the government thinks that they can deny them human rights and decency, they have a whole family of strangers who will stand by their side.
I think the most reassuring part of the march was seeing the older, white generation’s turnout. These people have grown up in an entirely different time, and have acquired so much privilege. To know that they have our back, warmed my heart.
Here’s to hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst.
Love you alottle,