It’s that time again!!

This month, I don’t have too many music favorites, because I have been sticking to some solid oldies. Nevertheless, here are my favorite songs of the month:

  • CHA CHA – D.R.A.M. 
    This is a solid dance song, and it makes me want to chacha my tucus off!!
  • iSpy – Kyle
    Kyle’s songs make me so happy, and this song is always a ton of fun. It also features Lil Yachty if that means anything to you.
  • It Was A Very Good Year – Frank Sinatra
    Did you think I would have a music favorites post without Sinatra?? This song feels very ironic in light of the current event, but it has still been a necessity for long car rides.
  • BaBa – Aminé
    This song has a very similar feel to Caroline, and I love Caroline so it’s needless to say that I love this song as well.


This was very short because it wasn’t a very exciting month for music (for me), but I’ll see you next week!

love you alottle,