In 1999, I was born in the glorious capital of the Unites States. Since then, I have maintained my allegiance to D.C. despite moving to Maryland. I try to get downtown as often as physically possible because it is really is a privilege. I often get caught up in the trendy brunches and insta ops and forget that I am surrounded by history.

Recently, my friend and I went downtown with basically no plan of attack. We got lunch and wandered around for a while, and that is truly the best way to explore.

We began our day by getting on the wrong metro (oops my bad) and going the opposite direction of D.c., and by the time we made it we happened to run into the Cupid Undie Run. If you don’t know what this is it’s basically just a run for drunk people in their underwear. It is great fun for those participating and everyone watching.

Then we found ourselves in a trendy sushi burrito place for lunch (Buredo), and although it wasn’t my fav it was definitely… interesting.
We eventually got to the Museum of Natural History, which happens to hold a lot of memories for me (a story for another time). If you didn’t know Smithsonian museums in D.C. are free and they are wonderful. Also even if you think you aren’t a “museum person”, I’m a strong believer that everyone is a “museum person” in the right museum with the right company. Then again, I’m always a museum person.

After the museum closed, we decided what the heck, let’s go see some monuments.  We had to start off at the classic Washington Monument, at which we happened to meet a random girl who we took some artsy af photos with. Then we eventually made our way down through the World War II Memorial and down to the Lincoln Memorial, both of which I highly recommend going to see if you are in town.

We then made our way home and spent hour metro ride commute indulging in some much-needed gossip and laughs.

So that’s how I spent my Saturday!

Love you alottle,