I swear I tried to think of a more interesting title, but it just didn’t happen.
This past weekend was a three-day weekend, god bless, so I took upon myself to finally go visit some friends in NYC that I have been meaning to go visit for months.
I took the Acela up to NYC, and I took a wonderful nap despite the super annoying man who was sitting next to me.
PSA: If you want to do aggressive business calls on a train of sleeping people, just don’t. Annnnnyyyyyways, I got there late that night and ate some amazing Italian food, because my lovely hostess is an Italian babe ((miss you gaia!!))
Not going to lie, this day was very rough on my feet, but it was also my favorite day.
We walked around the entire city, and I got to reunite with some long-distance friends. We started off in Soho and did a little shopping. Then we went to Washington Square Park and took some cute pics because why not? Also, the weather was insanely beautiful, so we were super lucky. Then we met up with some friends and walked down the High Line, got some ramen, and eventually made our way down to Penn station to drop off my friend. By this point, our feet had totally given out, so we ordered an Uber XL for the five of us, but for some reason, we all ending up smushed in the backseat.

We caught up at Penn station for a few hours, and eventually subwayed home.

This day consisted of more cute pics, eating, and ending with a dinner with my friend and her school friends!!
This was my last day, so of course, we went shopping, got some trendy New York food, and reenacted Gossip Girl in Grand Central!!!
see ya again soon nyc
Love you alottle,
P.S. special thanks to my bff, Gaia, for hosting me for this weekend, and her lovely parents for welcoming me into their home and stuffing my face with the best Italian food I’ve ever had. lots of love!!