Hey, guys!!

I’m currently sitting in the Detroit Airport listening to some bumping music while I wait for my flight, and I just finished my last college tour (WOOHOO!!!).

I swear if I have to sit through another “this school is quirky and fun because we have a Quidditch team” spiel I will implode.

So now that I have visited my top schools and gotten back (almost) all of my decisions, you may be wondering: where are you going to spend the next four? And that is a wonderful question that I would love to know the answer to.

Normally I find decision making easy, marginal benefit vs marginal cost, ya know? But there are too many factors for my hyperactive brain to analyze. Like one school is in the city, but the other school has more school spirit. How am I supposed to compare those factors??????????

Every day I wake up and pray that I the college gods will bestow my decision upon me in my sleep, but as each week passes, I just get more confused. The worst part is that every time I check Facebook or Instagram I see more and more people committing. Of course, I’m super happy for everyone who is going to the school of their dreams, but I’m also like what the heck? When the committing started it felt like everyone found their school like they just walked onto campus and they immediately knew. Everything just seemed to fall into place for them, and I really freaking jealous. I kept waiting for that special school to sweep me off my feet, but I can easily find flaws in each of the schools that I was accepted to, making me extremely hesitant to commit.

I have recently (semi) come to terms with the fact that no matter where I go I will have some regrets, whether it’s the fact that I’m going to break the bank or be too close to home or the fact that I won’t have the “typical college experience”.

Luckily I have approx twenty days to make a huge life altering decision hahahaAHAAHAHAJDIWCWVWVEWVFEQQDFWFQ.

Ok. Thanks for listening. Hopefully, my next post include my college decision!

Love you alottle,