I’m back and better than ever because I committed to Northeastern University! WOOHOO!!
Considering that I found it rather hard to make a college decision, I decided to make a handy guide on how to decide based on my own experiences!!
  • If you are going into crazy amounts of debt for undergrad, you are doing it wrong. 
I know sometimes this can suck to hear, but I’m a strong believer in the idea that college is what you make of it. No college will guarantee happiness and success, and you will feel better ending college with minimal/no college debt. Essentially no college is worth going into crippling debt (duh).
Also if you have the funds to go to more expensive colleges, be fucking grateful.  (I’m in this category and every day I think about how blessed I am to the opportunities that I have).
P.S. everyone’s financial situation is different, and they are often not how they may seem. long story short other kids financial situation is not your business unless they want to make it your business.
  • Know yourself, and know what you need
For me, the location was super important because I get stir-crazy ridiculously easily. If I ended up in a small town, I know that my mental health would suffer. At the end of the day you know yourself best, and thus you know what’s best for you- listen to yourself.
  • Don’t go somewhere because of prestige or ranking.
To an extent, yes ranking means something, but realistically (like I said before) college is what you make of it. Northeastern is not necessarily the best program I got into, but I picked it because I knew that it is where I would thrive. If you are just picking somewhere, because you think that prestige will guarantee success, boy have I got some bad news for you.
  • Listen to your friends perspective’s but take it with a grain of salt. 
Getting a second opinion is (almost) always a good idea. When making my decision, I talked to all of my closest friends and basically anyone whose opinion I valued. Even though not everyone agreed with my decision, the conversation was helpful.
At one point, I was talking to my best friend about the stress, and she mentioned that she thought I would regret going to my state school. It was something that I had been thinking about but having someone who I trusted say it, really got me thinking.
Similarly, I had friends who questioned the hell out of my decision, which forced me to really think about every single aspect of my decision– this was annoying, and I hate to admit it but it was helpful.
  • Don’t go somewhere for someone else.
If you and your SO happen to love the same school that’s awesome but be real with yourself and make sure you aren’t going to that school just for someone else.
  • College should scare you.
I was trying to describe why I like northeastern more than my state school (University of Maryland) to my friend and I simply said Northeastern scares me and UMD doesn’t. Being scared is good. It means that you are growing and that things are uncomfortable.
At Northeastern, in order to get the degree I’m aiming for I have to spend a whole year abroad in China. That scares the shit out of me, but I’m excited. Push yoself.
Also real talk- you can get that sense of uncomfortableness at any school, whether its community college or a state school or online school, you just gotta find what you’re scared of and exploit it.
That is like a general synopsis of my college decision process!
love you alottle,