So I’ve never really been a big fan of travel diaries… they just aren’t really my thing, but I decided that I wanted to document some of the highlights of my Europe travel trip!!!


Florence, Italy

Be began our Europe travel trip in the beautiful Florence! I have been to Italy once when I was very young and far too immature to appreciate the culture! We went to do all of the typical touristy things, because we only got to explore Florence for one day.

We saw Michelangelo’s David, the Duomo, and of course we ate ridiculous amounts of gelato.

Cinque Terre, Italy

After Florence, we took three trains to Cinque Terre, which is a small island in Italy. To be honest, Cinque Terre was my least favorite location, because I’m not a big beach lover but it was beautiful nevertheless!

We spent our first Cinque Terre day lounging on the beach, and some people went rock jumping. Considering the fact that I am a mediocre swimmer at best, I spent my day wading in the waves and curled up under an umbrella.

The next day we went on the most vicious hike of my entire life. I love hiking and I often go hiking in Maryland, but this hike KILLED me. We hiked over ten miles between three villages, which essentially means we climbed two mountains. TWO FREAKIN MOUNTAINS. I have never been so sure that I was going to die, but I made it… barely.

The views were to die for, but to be honest I spent most of the hike focusing on not passing out or tripping.

Luckily, at the end of the hike we jumped into the water and rinsed off the layers of dirt we had accumulated.

Interlaken, Switzerland


We got there and my heart just about exploded, and within an hour to getting to our hostel in Interlaken, I had already begun looking for an apartment.

We visited Harder Klum, which is basically just the most beautiful overlook on Switzerland, hence the photoshop that occured.

THEN CAME PARAGLIDING. THE MOST SPECTACULAR EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. We drove up to the top of a mountain, and ran off a cliff (not as scary as it sounds), and before we knew it I was FLYING. I spent the entirety crying, because it was just so goddamn surreal.

If you ever have the chance to paragliding, especially in Switzerland, I highly advise you take it. I promise you that you will melt.

Later in Switzerland, we made our way to Schilthorn, which is just a crazy high mountain. It doesn’t sound that exciting, but it was snowing up top! We had a snowball fight in the middle of July!

We also got to do a “fear walk” where we would walk over glass and on tightropes (with netting underneath) over 8500 feet high!

Paris, France

After leaving the most wonderful place on earth, we went to Paris!

We watched the sunset over Arc de Triomphe and watched the Eiffel Tower light up!

We also went to the Eiffel Tower, which we climbed- would highly recommend the elevator.

I also was so lucky as to spend my eighteenth birthday in Paris!- and I got to indulge in some quality French White Wine legally! (Technically in Paris you can have wine and beer at sixteen, but I felt cool being an eighteen year old with wine, so we can just ignore that).

Of course we did all the typical touristy Paris things- the Louvre(the Mona Lisa), Notre Dame, Montmartre, Sainte Chapelle, Père Lachaise Cemetery, and more!

But the highlight of my Europe travel trip, was definitely on the Paris metro. We were on a super crowded train, and I had noticed the guy I was standing next to try to reach into my purse, so I took my hydroflask water bottle and whacked him!


I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my Europe Travel Trip and you can watch my mini Europe Trip Montage here on my Instagram!

Love you alottle,


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