I officially starting college in two weeks! I am so excited. It seems like I have been waiting for college my entire life! I started clubs in my elementary school because I knew that colleges valued leadership skills. It is just so crazy that it is all happening so fast! Despite my extreme excitement, I’ve also been dealing with many pre-college anxieties. So obviously I thought- what better way to deal with anxiety than write about it.

I absolutely love writing posts like this, because they are really fun to look back on. Have you ever written a diary entry about something that seemed like a life-altering catastrophe when you were younger, but when you reread it years later you can see how irrational you were being? Maybe it’s just me.

In The Feeling Good Handbook, David Burns talks about how one of the best ways to overcome nagging anxieties is to write them down and rationalize them. This is one of my favorite technique for handling stress, so that is what we are going to do!

My Biggest Pre-College Anxieties and Rationales:

(Also I wrote this toward myself, so when I say “you” I’m actually talking to myself. I hope that makes sense, but either way I hope you get something out of this. Ok, let’s get real.)


Not Making Friends

This one is an obvious one that I think everyone deals with, which is what makes this fear so irrational! Everyone wants to make friends, and college is a chance to reinvent yourself! If you take the time to put yourself out there and stay true to yourself (this is so cheesy, oy vey) people will come to you.

Meet people halfway, aka make plans (and actually follow through with them), be kind, and be yourself (SO CHEESY I’M SORRY) and let it happen. People want to make friends!!! You are not the only one!!!

If you make the effort, you will make friends. Stop worrying about this. I swear you will be fine, and deep down you know it too.


Not Passing Classes

I know that it is super discouraging to watch people breeze through a class that sounds like gibberish to you, because we’ve all been there, whether we like to admit it or not. But we tend to forget that college is supposed to be hard! That is what your are paying for!

College is prime time to push yourself to be the smartest possible version of yourself!

Also if you are struggling reach out to your professor– This is a great opportunity to make some connections and make the most out of those tuition costs!

Also you all got into the same school, which means that you are all qualified to be there in those hard classes. Don’t discount that.


My Mental Health Fails Me

This is a fear that I can’t really rationalize. College is a lot of overwhelming changes all thrown at you at the same time, and it is going to be hard.

I can’t promise that it will be the type of stress that you can nap away or just suppress until you get home for break.

But if I do have anything to say about it, it’s that is that you need to build your support system. Chances are you aren’t the only one is overwhelmed or lost or lonely. Reach out to your counselors, because that’s what they are there for and they want to help.

Don’t forget to take sometime for yourself in college.

Take a breather. It’s all good.


Ok this is definitely not all of my pre-college anxieties, but we don’t have time to sit around and listen to me ramble on for days (You can read more of my college posts here!). Even though I have these nagging feelings, I am so ridiculously excited to start school! I know that this is going to be one of the best years of my life. I can feel it!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated!

Love you alottle,